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About Fundraising Bags

Jute bags are a fantastic way for fundraising for Schools, Charities, Clubs, Societies or any other organisation.

When someone buys a jute bag as well as making a donation that supports the organisation they are receiving a stylish reusable bag that is strong and durable whilst helping the environment.

Over the last few years, Jutebags.com.au has helped hundreds of companies
cut down their impact on our environment by providing an eco-friendly
alternative to plastic bags.
Our natural ‘bags for life’ have been extremely popular with
government councils, libraries, supermarkets, shops; acting as a daily
reminder about the importance of re-using & recycling.

We hope to teach a new generation of children how their
personal actions can make a real, positive difference. What‘s
more, by selling the bags at a profit or getting a sponsor on board,
you’ll raise hundreds of dollars for your establishment.

Take a look at our online information pack and start fundraising for your school today!