Leading suppliers of jute eco-friendly bags

Calico Bags

A versatile plain-woven cotton fabric bag

Carry Bags

Our everyday jute bags for a variety of uses

Wine Bags

Give your wines a natural option

Juco Bags

A combination fabric of Jute and Cotton

Go plastic bag free and make a difference to our planet!

These reusable 100% natural bags are biodegradable, ethically sourced, eco friendly, long lasting. They are a sustainable alternative to plastic and most other Green or Eco type bags available in the market that are made of PP (Polypropylene a Petrochemical By product) and not biodegradable.

As well as their stylish looks jute bags carry a positive environmental message about your brand when printed with your logo

Available in custom designs including different colours, sizes, handles and available with windows. Click here to find out more

Did you know…

  • Environmentally friendly jute is non-pollutant. It produces no toxic gases or harmful gases as by-products of jute.
  • Jute fibre absorbs several times more CO2 from the atmosphere than trees

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